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    Parker 快速接頭和附件
    Parker Quick Couplings and Accessories
    Parker Quick Couplings快速接頭
    Protective Dust Caps and Plugs (Molded and Metal) for Quick Couplings

    防塵蓋和防塵塞在快換接頭的使用壽命中扮演著關鍵性的角色。它們可以在快換斷開時分別保護陰陽接頭的連接面,防止灰塵和污垢進入快換和管路系統。 Protective dust caps and plugs play a crucial role in the life of a quick coupling by covering the connecting surfaces when the coupler and nipple are disconnected.



    防塵蓋和防塵塞在快換接頭的使用壽命中扮演著關鍵性的角色。它們可以在快換斷開時分別保護陰陽接頭的連接面,阻止大氣中的灰塵和污垢進入快換和管路系統。Protective dust caps and plugs play a crucial role in the life of a quick coupling. Dust protection shields the connecting surfaces of couplers and nipples from environmental dust and dirt when the coupling is not connected.

    通用的陰陽接頭防塵蓋和防塵塞型號已列在樣本中。如您需要未列在樣本中的其他防塵蓋和防塵塞產品,請聯系Quick Coupling Divisionl以確定可供性。Common coupler and nipple protectors are listed. Please contact the Quick Coupling Division for availability of other dust cap and plug sizes and options not shown.

    - Agriculture
    - Construction
    - Industrial
    - 農用機械
    - 建筑機械
    - 工業液壓


    - Protection from environmental dirt and grit prolongs the coupling life and helps to keep it in working condition
    - Helps to keep contaminants out of the fluid system
    - Color coded caps and plugs help to visually identify connecting lines
    - Tether straps keep the caps and plugs nearby when coupling halves are connected
    - 保護快換不被大氣中的灰塵和沙粒污染,延長快換的使用壽命,且使其保持在工作狀態
    - 阻止污染物進入快換和管路系統
    - 帶顏色標識的防塵蓋和防塵塞,可以很簡單地區分管路
    - 防塵蓋和防塵塞均標配繩索固定在陰陽接頭上,在快換管路連接時懸掛其上


    - Tractors, implements, and farm equipment
    - Hydraulic tools
    - Construction equipment
    - Mobile equipment
    - Fluid transfer and filling systems
    - 拖拉機、屬具、和農田設備
    - 液壓工具
    - 建筑機械
    - 行走機械
    - 流體傳輸和注入系統


    Technical Specifications

    Accessories Included: Protective dust caps and plugs for quick couplings
    Brand: Parker
    Compatible Coupling: Various
    Materials of Construction: Steel, Molded rubber, Brass, Molded PVC, Metal and rubber, Fiberglass reinforced plastic, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Molded EPR
    Color: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
    Product Series: 3000 Series, 4000 Series, 6100 Series, 6600 Series, Snap-tite 71 Series, Snap-tite 75 Series, 8450 Series, 9200 Series, Snap-tite H Series, SM Series, FEM Series, FEM-FEC Series, CPI Series, FET Series, 60 Series, HP Series, PD - PDP Series, EA Series, PF
    Size: 1/8 through 3 inch





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