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    Parker 快速接頭和附件
    Parker Quick Couplings and Accessories
    Parker Quick Couplings快速接頭
    Garden Hose, Brass Quick Couplings (water) up to 200 psi - 1163 Series Couplers
    1163系列花園管黃銅快換陰接頭(壓力可達 200 psi)

    派克大流量,花園水管銅質快換陰頭和公頭是水管能快速連接和拆卸的產品。 Parker's high flow, brass garden hose quick couplers and nipples are ideal for applications where water hoses require fast and easy connection and disconnection.



    1163系列快換陰接頭壓力可達200psi,與1163系列陽接頭匹配。派克1163系列快換接頭材質為黃銅,適合于大流量,水管能快速連接與拆卸的應用場合。無內置閥的陰接頭全是花園管的標準螺紋連接。陰接頭和陽接頭的尺寸為3/4",其它尺寸規格(工作壓力為200psi)可咨詢。 1163 Series Couplers (water) up to 200 psi, connect with 1163 Series Nipples. Parker's 1163 Series are brass, high flow quick couplings for applications where water hoses are frequently connected and disconnected. These unvalved water service couplings have standard garden hose threads. Couplers and nipples are available in 3/4" size with a pressure rating of 200 psi.



    Garden Hose, Brass Quick Couplings (water) up to 200 psi - 1163 Series Couplers


    技術參數Technical Characteristics:
    - Size: 3/4”
    - Materials: Brass and stainless steel
    - Port Ends: Female NH (standard garden hose thread)
    - Coupler seal is Nitrile
    - 尺寸:3/4"
    - 材料:黃銅和不銹鋼
    - 端口:NH內螺紋(標準的花園管接頭螺紋)
    - 陰接頭密封為丁腈膠


    - Agriculture
    - Turf and lawn care
    - Landscaping
    - Residential and commercial construction
    - Industrial cleaning
    - 農業
    - 草坪與草地
    - 景觀美化
    - 民用及商用建筑
    - 工業清洗


    - Standard garden hose threads are compatible with commercial and residential grade water hoses, outdoor faucets and hose attachments
    - Brass material is corrosion resistant and durable
    - Knurling on the coupler sleeve provides a gripping surface for easy operation when hands are wet or gloved
    - 標準花園管連接螺紋適合于民用及商用花園水管,戶外水龍頭及軟管連接
    - 黃銅材質不但耐腐蝕,而且經久耐用
    - 陰接頭套筒上滾花設計提升了表面的摩擦,使得不管是潮濕還是干燥都易把持操作


    - Garden hoses and attachments
    - Wash down systems
    - Mobile water tank lines
    - Water hose reels
    - 花園管及附件
    - 下水道系統
    - 移動水箱
    - 水管轉軸



    Technical Specifications

    Maximum Operating Pressure: 200 psi, 14 bar
    Valve Type: No Valve, Unvalved
    Brand: Parker
    Fitting Connection Type: Garden Hose Thread
    Materials of Construction: Brass
    Maximum Operating Temperature: 121 °C, 250 °F
    Vacuum Pressure Rating: No
    Body Size: 3/4 inch
    Flow Rate: 28 Gal/min
    Media: Hydraulic
    Coupling Half: Coupler
    Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 °F
    Seal Material: Nitrile
    Application: Water hose connection
    Sleeve Type: Manual
    Lock Type: Locking balls



    Garden Hose, Brass Quick Couplings (water) up to 200 psi - 1163 Series Couplers 型號

    Part Thread Style Connection Thread Size (inch) Connection Type
    1163-60 Female 3/4 - 11 1/2 NH





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