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    Parker 球閥
    Parker Ball Valves
    承壓15,000 PSI雙隔斷和排放球閥-6DB 系列 Ball Valve, Double Block and Bleed 6DB Series - 15,000 PSI

    派克旗下品牌Autoclave的高壓雙隔斷和排放閥門,可承壓至15,000 PSI(1034bar),接口3/8"。標準型球閥材質為316SS不銹鋼,并有其他特殊材質可供選擇。Parker Autoclave's 6DB Series high pressure double block and bleed ball valve is capable of operating to15,000 psi (1034 bar) and is available various connections. Standard ball valves are furnished in 316 SS with specials materials available.



    派克 Autoclave 旗下6DB 系列 高壓雙隔斷和排放球閥,具有新穎的球心、閥桿一體式設計,閥桿采用耳軸安裝,減小了與其他類似閥門出現的 “閥桿脫出” 的可能性。此閥組集成了三個閥頭,減少了許多連接處的泄漏點,與傳統的儀表管線安裝系統相比大大減少了重量。此外,這些專業球閥全通徑流量設計,延長閥座壽命的結果,和低摩擦的閥桿密封,減少了驅動力矩,提高循環壽命。Parker Autoclave's 6DB Series double block and bleed ball valves have been designed to provide superior quality for maximum performance within a variety of end connections. Some of the more unique design innovations include an integral one-piece trunnion mounted style ball and stem that eliminates the possibility of "stem-turnout" common with other valves designed for similar service. In addition, these specialty ball valves have re-torqueable seat glands that result in longer seat life, and a low friction stem seal that reduces actuation torque and enhances cycle life.


    Ball Valve, Double Block and Bleed 6DB Series - 15,000 PSI


    - Oil and Gas
    - Petrochemical
    - Research
    - Chemical
    - Power
    - 石油和天然氣
    - 石化
    - 勘探
    - 化工
    - 動力



    - One piece, trunnion mounted stem design eliminates shear failure and reduces the effects of side loading found in two piece designs.
    - Re-torqueable seat glands for longer seat life.
    - Carbon filled PEEK seats offer excellent resistance to chemicals, heat and wear/abrasion.
    - Vee-stem vent valve.
    - Full-port flow path minimizes pressure drop.
    - 316 cold worked stainless steel construction.
    - Low friction pressure assisted graphite filled PTFE stem seal increases cycle life and reduces operating torque.
    - Quarter turn from open to close with positive stop.
    - Viton o-rings for operation from 0°F (-17.8°C) to 400°F (204°C).
    - 一體式,閥桿耳軸式安裝設計。
    - 全通徑流量設計,更小壓降。
    - 填充 PEEK 材料的碳鋼閥座具有優異的耐化學性,耐熱性及耐磨性。
    - V形閥桿排放閥。
    - 冷加工不銹鋼材質制造。
    - Viton O形圈耐溫范圍從-17.8°C 到 204°C
    - 適用于高溫環境的O型圈可選。
    - 沾濕部件材質可選。
    - 從開到關為四分之一轉,可起到有效關斷作用。



    - High Pressure Skid Panels
    - Specialty High Pressure Gas Systems
    - Research Systems
    - 高壓滑板
    - 特殊高壓氣體系統
    - 勘探系統


    Technical Specifications

    Maximum Operating Temperature: 204 °C, 400 °F
    Minimum Operating Temperature: -18 °C, 0 °F


    Ball Valve, Double Block and Bleed 6DB Series - 15,000 PSI 型號

    Part Connection Type Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) Maximum Operating Pressure (barg)
    6DB10L8P4 SW500 10,000 690
    6DB15M12M4 SF750CX20 15,000 1034
    6DB15M6M4 SF375CX20 15,000 1034
    6DB15M9M4 SF562CX20 15,000 1034
    6DB15P4P4 1/4 NPT 15,000 1034
    6DB15P6P4 3/8 NPT 15,000 1034
    6DB15P8P4 1/2 NPT 15,000 1034





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