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    Parker PFA閥
    Parker PFA Valves
    UHP 超高純 PFA 手動隔膜 (3/4") 2 通閥 – MV-16系列 UHP PFA Manual Diaphragm (3/4 inch) 2 Way Valve – MV-16 Series

    MV-16 系列 PFA隔膜閥提供高泄露完整性和優異的耐腐蝕性。它有2通型,用于超高純(UHP)和腐蝕性流體和氣體處理應用。 The MV-16 Series PFA Diaphragm Valve offers high leak integrity and excellent resistance to corrosion. It is available in 2-way configurations and is designed for ultra-high purity (UHP) and aggressive liquid and gas applications.






    MV-16 系列是3/4PFA手動隔膜閥,用于超高純(UHP)和腐蝕性流體處理應用,包括半導體制造操作。閥門有2通型,采用成型PFA閥體和精密加工密封區域,具有更高的泄露完整性和耐化學性。The MV-16 Series is a 3/4 inch PFA manual diaphragm valve that is designed for use in ultra-high purity (UHP) and aggressive fluid handling applications, including semiconductor manufacturing operations. The valve is available in 2-way configurations and utilizes a molded PFA body with precision-machined sealing areas for superior leak integrity and chemical resistance.

    MV-16系列配備一體式改性聚四氟乙烯隔膜,提供出色的柔韌性和較之傳統聚四氟乙烯更長久的循環壽命。閥門采用氟聚合物涂層不銹鋼彈簧,降低腐蝕性環境的影響,與多種工藝介質實現兼容。根據客戶需求,MV-16系列閥門可配套多種連接形式,包括Parflare和Parbond管接頭。接頭減少裝配和安裝時間,以獲得潔凈至關重要的應用中無泄漏密封性能。 The MV-16 Series is equipped with a one-piece modified PTFE diaphragm, which provides excellent flexibility and higher cycle life than conventional PTFE. The valve also features an Fluoropolymer-coated stainless steel spring, which reduces the effects of corrosive environments and enables compatibility with a wide range of process media. Depending on customer requirements, MV-16 Series valves can be fitted with a variety of port configurations, including Parflare and Parbond tube fittings. The fittings reduce assembly and installation time, while ensuring a leak-tight seal for performance in applications where cleanliness is critical.

    MV-16系列PFA閥門的嚴格設計控制閥座和隔膜應力,以及穩定、無維護使用壽命。它的榫槽密封可以實現隔膜與閥體的穩定密封,形成高循環壽命、更低的維修成本,隔離工藝介質。閥門采用3/4全通徑,緊湊結構無大流量限制,工作壓力上限120 psig。流量取決于結構和接口類型(MV-16 Parbond和Parflare連接方式可達7.9 C?v)。MV-16可多圈旋轉,允許精密流量調整。The MV-16 Series PFA valve's exacting design controls seat and diaphragm stresses to provide a reliable and maintenance-free service life. Its tongue and groove seal ensures a positive diaphragm to body seal, resulting in high cycle life, lower replacement costs, and isolation of process media. The valve features a full 3/4 inch orifice with no restrictions for maximum flow in a compact package at working pressures up to 120 psig. Flow capacities are dictated by configuration and end type (up to 7.9 Cv for MV-16 with Parbond or Parflare connection). The MV-16 has multi-turn capability, which allows for precise flow adjustment.




    UHP PFA Manual Diaphragm (3/4 inch) 2 Way Valve – MV-16 Series



    - Semiconductor
    - Analytical Laboratory
    - Pharmaceutical
    - BioPharm
    - Aerospace
    - Industrial
    - 半導體
    - 分析試驗室
    - 制藥
    - 生物制藥
    - 航空航天
    - 工業



    - Excellent leak integrity
    - Modified PTFE diaphragm and Fluoropolymer-coated stainless steel spring provide high cycle life and exceptional resistance to corrosion
    - Pressure rated in both forwards and backwards direction from vacuum to 120 psig
    - Available in 2-way configuration
    - Can be fitted with a variety of port configurations, including Parflare and Parbond tube fittings
    - Multi-turn capability allows for precise flow adjustment
    - MV-16 Series has multi-turn capability, which allows for precise flow adjustment
    - Ambient temperature range: 0°F to +150° F (-17°C to +66° C)
    - Fluid temperature range: 0°F to +266° F (-17°C to +130° C)
    - 出色的泄露完整性
    - 改性聚四氟乙烯隔膜和氟聚合物涂層不銹鋼彈簧提供高循環壽命和優異的耐腐蝕性
    - 正反向壓力范圍:真空到120 psig
    - 有2通型
    - 可配套多種連接形式,包括Parflare和Parbond管接頭
    - 可多圈旋轉,允許精確流量調整
    - MV-16系列可多圈旋轉,允許精密流量調整
    - 環境溫度范圍:0°F 至 +150° F (-17°C 至 +66° C)
    - 流體溫度范圍:0°F 至 +266° F (-17°C 至 +130° C)



    - Corrosive and specialty gases
    - Semiconductor Tools
    - Tool Hook-ups
    - Valve Manifold Boxes (VMBs)
    - 腐蝕性和特殊氣體
    - 半導體工具
    - 工具掛鉤
    - 閥組箱 (VMBs)



    Technical Specifications

    Wetted Material: PFA, Modified PTFE
    Non-Wetted Material: PVDF, Viton, PTFE Coated SS Spring
    Pressure Rating: 0-120 psig (8.3 bar)
    Maximum Ambient Temperature: 66 °C, 150 °F
    Minimum Ambient Temperature: -17 °C, 0 °F
    Maximum Fluid Temperature: 130 °C, 266 °F
    Minimum Fluid Temperature: -17 °C, 0 °F
    Flow Rate: Cv: 5.8, 7.9
    Flow Coefficient: Kv: 82.7 to 112.6 L/min
    Flow Control: ON/OFF
    Length: 5.54, 6.48, 9.12, 5.90 inch, 140.72, 164.59, 231.65, 149.86 mm



    UHP PFA Manual Diaphragm (3/4 inch) 2 Way Valve – MV-16 Series 型號

    Part Port Connection Type Nut Material
    MV-16-0612 3/4" Parflare PVDF
    MV-16-0612-01 3/4" Parflare Long PVDF
    MV-16-0612-T 3/4" Parflare PFA
    MV-16-0616 1" Parflare PVDF
    MV-16-0616-T 1" Parflare PFA
    MV-16-0712 3/4" Parbond PFA





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