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    Parker 止回閥
    Parker Check Valves
    壓力傳感自動關閉器Automatic Sensing Pressure Reversing Obturator - ASPRO

    派克Bestobell的壓力傳感自動關閉器 -ASPRO是一個解決高壓二氧化碳鋼瓶污染問題的概念,消除了氣體污染的機會。 The Parker Bestobell Automatic Sensing Pressure Reversing Obturator (ASPRO) is a concept that addresses the issue of back contamination from high-pressure carbon dioxide cylinders removing the opportunity for gas contamination.

    這是在食品和飲料行業的一個常見問題,在許多場合,發生了導致產品召回和品牌受損的事例。如今有越來越多的醫藥生產和清潔流程用于工業生產過程中的應用,ASPRO開發了CO2后污染的防治措施從高壓缸,或更少的主流,免于倒流的壓力高達3600 psi(250 bar),與EIGA和BCGA要求建議一致。流量系數(CV)允許介質在填充站和便攜輸送系統的填充時間沒有延遲,實現全流量加注填充,高效運作。 This is a particular problem in the food and beverage industry, where on numerous occasions, contamination has occurred leading to product recalls and brand damage. There are also a growing number of applications in pharmaceutical production and clean process used in industrial production. The ASPRO was developed for the prevention of back contamination of CO2 from a high-pressure cylinder, or dewer to the main flow stream, preventing back flow pressures up to 3600 psi (250 bar), in accordance with recommendations requested by EIGA and BCGA. The flow co-efficient (CV) allows full flow of media from filling stations and portable delivery systems therefore no delay in filling time.


    Food and Beverage
    - 食品和飲料
    - 制藥


    特點/優勢Features / Benefits:

    - Fully automatic: no operator involvement required to operate the valve
    - Designed for single point filling lines
    - Designed and engineered for use with Group 1 gases
    - Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM B31.1, BS EN 1626 and BS ISO 21011
    - 自動化:操作閥門不需要操作員參與。
    - 為單點灌裝線設計
    - 設計和可以與一組氣體一起使用
    - 設計并根據ASTM B31.1制造,BS EN 1626和BS ISO 21011



    - CO2 bottling
    - 二氧化碳裝瓶


    Technical Specifications

    Diameter: DN6, DN20 nom
    Connection Type: 1/4" BSP-TR, 3/4" BSP-TR, 1/2" Socket Weld
    Materials of Construction: Stainless Steel
    Maximum Operating Pressure: 3,000 psi, 207 bar
    Minimum Operating Temperature: -20 (for CO2, temperatures for ther media available on request) °C
    Maximum Operating Temperature: +65 (for CO2, temperatures for other media available on request) °C
    Weight: 4 kg
    Flow Rate: 13.5, 78 L/min


    Automatic Sensing Pressure Reversing Obturator - ASPRO 型號

    Part Maximum Working Pressure (Bar) Diameter Nominal (DN) Connection Type Maximum Working Pressure (psi) Material
    CXC10TC00 110 DN6 1/4" BSP-TR 1,600 Stainless Steel
    CXC40SNB0C 207 DN20 1/2" Socket Weld 3,000 Stainless Steel
    CXC40TC00 207 DN20 3/4" BSP-TR 3,000





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