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    Parker PFA閥
    Parker PFA Valves
    UHP 超高純 PFA手動針閥 (尺寸到 1/2 ") – MV-13 系列 UHP PFA Manual Needle Valve (sizes up to 1/2 inch) – MV-13 Series

    MV-13 系列 PFA手動針閥提供優秀的泄露完整性和優異的耐腐蝕性。它帶有PTFE卡套,旨在為超高純和腐蝕性流體處理應用提供精確的流量控制 。 The MV-13 Series PFA Manual Needle Valve offers excellent leak integrity and exceptional resistance to corrosion. It has a PTFE ferrule and is designed to provide precise flow control in ultra-high purity and aggressive fluid handling applications.



    MV-13 系列是手動針閥,為腐蝕性液體和分配系統提供精確流量控制,包括那些超高純(UHP)半導體生產和潔凈區域的應用. The MV-13 Series is a manually operated needle valve that offers precise control of flow in corrosive liquid and gas distribution systems, including those used in ultra-high purity (UHP) semiconductor manufacturing and clean-area applications.

    MV-13系列采用改性PFA閥體和閥桿,具有高循環壽命和極強耐腐蝕性。PFA閥桿停止防止操作時閥桿脫離閥體,因此確保了壓力在真空-100psig的安全和可靠操作。閥門的PTFE卡套在閥桿和閥體間建立了無泄漏密封,允許閥門用在潔凈度和小粒子生成非常重要的場合。MV-13系列非接液部件(PFA,ETFE,PVDF)也具有高耐久度,使針閥具有高強度,無需維護運行。 The MV-13 Series features a molded PFA body and stem for high cycle life and extreme resistance to corrosion. The PFA stem stop prevents removal of the stem from the body when in service, thus ensuring safe and reliable operation from vacuum to working pressures up to 100 psig. The valve's PTFE ferrule creates a leak-tight seal between the stem and body, which allows the valve to be utilized in applications where cleanliness and minimal particle generation are critical. The non-wetted components (PFA, ETFE, PVDF) of the MV-13 Series are also highly durable and afford the needle valve with high strength and maintenance-free operation.

    MV-13系列針閥有直通型和角型,以及多種通徑尺寸。依據客戶需求,閥門閥門有多種入口和出口連接尺寸和形式,包括Parflare和Pargrip管接頭。Parflare和Gargrip接頭易于裝配,因此減少了安裝時間,確保無泄漏密封,是停機時間更少化。 The MV-13 Series needle valve is available in straight through and angle configurations, along with several orifice sizes. Depending on customer requirements, the valve can be fitted with a variety of inlet and outlet port connection sizes and types, including Parflare and Pargrip tube fittings. Both Parflare and Pargrip fittings allow for ease of assembly, thus reducing installation time and ensuring a leak-tight seal for minimal downtime.




    UHP 超高純 PFA手動針閥 (尺寸到 1/2 ") – MV-13 系列 UHP PFA Manual Needle Valve (sizes up to 1/2 inch) – MV-13 Series



    - Semiconductor
    - Analytical Laboratory
    - Pharmaceutical
    - BioPharm
    - Aerospace
    - Industrial
    - 半導體
    - 分析試驗室
    - 制藥
    - 生物制藥
    - 航空航天
    - 工業



    - Ideal for use in UHP and aggressive and/or corrosive fluid handling systems, including semiconductor manufacturing and clean-area applications
    - One piece PFA stem/handle and bodies provides strength and corrosion resistance
    - Stem sealing area is precision-machined for smooth, consistent flow
    - PTFE ferrule ensures a leak-tight seal between stem and body
    - Available in in straight through and angle configurations, along with several orifice sizes and inlet/outlet port connections, including Parflare and Pargrip fittings
    - Ambient temperature range: 0°F to +150° F (-17°C to +66° C)
    - Fluid temperature range: 0°F to +266° F (-17°C to +130° C)
    - Fully functional from vacuum to 100 psig
    - 非常適合用于UHP超高純和腐蝕性和/或侵蝕性流體處理系統,包括半導體生產和潔凈區應用
    - 一片式PFA閥桿/手柄和閥體提供強度和腐蝕性
    - 精密加工閥桿密封區域,提供平滑、一致的流量
    - PTFE卡套確保閥桿與閥體間無泄漏密封
    - 有直通型和角型,以及多種通徑尺寸和出入口連接方式,包括 Parflare和Pargrip接頭
    - 環境溫度范圍:0°F 至 +150° F (-17°C 至 +66° C)
    - 流體溫度范圍:0°F 至 +266° F (-17°C 至 +130° C)
    - 壓力范圍:真空到100 psig



    - Corrosive liquids and gases
    - Semiconductor Tools
    - Tool Hook-ups
    - Process Instrumentation
    - 腐蝕性液體和氣體
    - 半導體工具
    - 工具掛鉤
    - 過程儀表


    Technical Specifications

    Wetted Material: PFA, PTFE
    Non-Wetted Material: PFA, ETFE, PVDF
    Pressure Rating: 27" HG Vacuum (913 mbar) to 100 psig (7 bar)
    Maximum Ambient Temperature: 100 °C, 212 °F
    Minimum Ambient Temperature: 17 °C, 0 °F
    Maximum Fluid Temperature: 130 °C, 266 °F
    Minimum Fluid Temperature: 17 °C, 0 °F
    Nut Material: PFA, PVDF
    Orifice Size: 0.063, 0.125, 0.188 inch


    UHP PFA Manual Needle Valve (sizes up to 1/2 inch) – MV-13 Series 型號

    Part Port Connection Inlet Port Connection Outlet Flow Control
    MV-12-120 1/4" Pargrip 1/4" Pargrip Straight
    MV-13-100 1/8" Pargrip 1/8" Pargrip Straight
    MV-13-104 1/4" Parflare 1/4" Parflare Straight
    MV-13-105 1/4" MNPT 1/4" Parflare Straight
    MV-13-124 3/8" Parflare 3/8" Parflare Straight
    MV-13-125 1/2" Parflare 1/2" Parflare Straight
    MV-13-126 1/8" FNPT 1/8" FNPT Straight
    MV-13-163 3/8" Pargrip 3/8" Pargrip Straight
    MV-13-166 1/2" Pargrip 1/2" Pargrip Straight
    MV-13-170 1/4" FNPT 1/4" FNPT Straight
    MV-13-222 1/4" Parflare 1/4" Parflare Angle
    MV-13-223 1/4" FNPT 1/4" FNPT Angle
    MV-13-225 3/8" Parflare 3/8" Parflare Angle





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