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    Parker 流量控制閥
    Parker Flow Control Valves
    定比減壓閥 - 61系列 Ratio Reducing Valves - Code 61

    派克的 Conflow 代號 61 - 定比減壓閥用于, 在地下礦井底部, 在液流分配到全礦之前, 提供其下游的減壓壓力。 The Code 61 is a compact, in-line ratio reducing valve which reduces downstream fluid pressure to create safe and appropriate pressure for equipment to operate.





    派克Conflow的Code 61是一種緊湊的在線比例減壓閥,可將下游流體壓力降低至安全且適當的壓力,以使設備運行。 它可以按設定的比例和固定的比例有效地降低地下礦井中的下游流體壓力,而無需考慮入口壓力的變化。 Parker Conflow's Code 61 is a compact, in-line ratio reducing valve which reduces downstream fluid pressure to safe and appropriate pressures for equipment to operate. It is effective in reducing downstream fluid pressure in underground mines by a set proportion and to a fixed ratio, making no allowance for inlet pressure variations.

    它的在線設計降低了損壞閥門的風險,并且還非常堅固-高壓版本由不銹鋼制成。 Its in-line design reduces the risk of damage to the valve and it is also extremely robust – the High Pressure version being manufactured from stainless steel.

    Code 61閥門是入口壓力相當恒定或需要降低壓力但無需嚴格保持壓力的選擇。 在整個礦井中分布之前,它廣泛用于豎井底部。 The Code 61 valve is ideal for use where the inlet pressure is fairly constant or where pressure reduction is required but does not need to be closely maintained. It is widely used at the shaft bottom, before distribution throughout the mine.

    Code 61提供1/2“,1”,1 1/2“,2”,3“和4”四種尺寸,工作壓力高達105 bar。 可以選擇高達350 bar(1/2”)和206 bar(1”)的高壓裝置。 比率從入口壓力的1.1:1降低到20:1。 Code 61 is available in four sizes 1/2", 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3" and 4" and operates at a maximum working pressure of 105 bar. High Pressure Units can be selected up to 350 bar (1/2”) and 206 bar (1”). Ratio reduction is provided from 1.1:1 to 20:1 of inlet pressure.




    定比減壓閥 - 61系列 Ratio Reducing Valves - Code 61



    - 采石Quarrying
    - 礦產Mining


    - Pressure ratio is constant.
    - Suitable for use with water and oil
    - Compact in-line fitting, reduces risk of damage.
    - Low maintenance.
    - Available in both low and high pressure.
    - Cast body and steel – robust and low maintenance.
    - Stainless steel version for high pressure appliocations.
    - 低維護。


    - 在分配到全礦之前, 降低地下礦井底部的水的主壓力, 這對于深部礦井中壓頭較高或管系不能適應高壓的場合特別有用。 To reduce the water mains pressure in underground mines at the shaft bottom before distribution throughout the mine. This is particularly useful in deep mines where the pressure head is high or where the pipe systems are not suitable for high pressures.
    - 控制消防系統的壓力 To control pressure in fire fighting systems.



    Technical Specifications

    Connection Size: 1/2", 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3", 4"
    Maximum Operating Pressure: 5,076 psi, 350 bar
    Weight: 1.81-34.02 kg
    Application: Water Systems
    Industry: Mining



    Ratio Reducing Valves - Code 61 型號





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